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From Cuneiforms to Mpodz
Since the beginning of time, humans have found new ways to express themselves and tell stories, each way becoming more sophisticated. Give a human a rock and they will create a tool which can build villages and musical instruments to entertain that village. We are, and always have been - creators and storytellers.

Today, Mpodz are the best format for artists to express themselves and tell their stories - to the entire world.

Why Mpodz?

Five reasons.

First, Mpodz support what we call The Seven Elements of Digital Expression (The SEDE) pronounced "the seed." At the end of the day, artistic expression in the digital world comes down to seven elements. Text, pictures, graphics, audio, video, animation and interactivity. These are all the elements the artist has to work with today (without being physically present) so the artists tools need to support all of them - and support them well. Mpodz does this by letting the artist combine one or more of The SEDE's anyway they want to express themselves and "tell stories." Think about how far Mozart, Shakespeare, and Kubrick took just one element in their day and how far Google (text) Twitter (text) and Instagram (pictures) took just one element today. The awesome reality is we've only scratched the surface of what is possible. The Mozarts, Shakespeares and Kubricks of tomorrow will master many if not all of the seven elements to leave their mark on the world and need a tool that will not limit that mastery. Mpodz is that tool.

Second, Mpodz use the "Open Technology" HTML 5 and therefore run on any device, (e.g., desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet, etc.) The days of large corporations locking Art into black boxes such as record players, radios, cassette players, CD players, DVD players MP3 players and MP4 players are over. We are living in a new Renaissance much greater than even 5 years ago with the global spread of Internet access and mobile devices - but this time you don't need the Medici anymore to fund your Art. But you do need the right tools. Flash used to be the best tool for an artist but because it no longer runs on all devices (like mobile) it is no longer the tool of choice for artists as mobile is arguably the most important target device for the artist today - and will only get more important. iPhone apps and Android apps require special programming languages that run only on the their respective devices and not on all devices like Mpodz do. That is why Bjork had to do separate apps for each device and only support iPhone/iPad for her latest app. We believe the future is to require no programming and let the artist use HTML 5, javascript and CSS for special features if they want to go beyond what Mpodz can do today as this will ensure the Art can be experienced on all devices and not require great efforts to deliver.

Third, Mpodz is a "Framework" specifically designed from the ground up to deliver Art. Mpodz have a standard framework which enables people to instantly recognize what they are and know how to use them. Also, by using a framework, you can go from idea to finished product much easier and faster by focusing on creating Art and not technical issues. In fact, almost all of the websites and apps you love use frameworks for this reason. The framework on the fan side (The Mpodz themselves) negates your fans having to learn a new interface and what everything does when they first encounter your Mpodz. This is no small matter and in fact why many great digital works of Art ultimately did not reach more people. In the design world these are called "affordances" and "wayfinding." With good affordances and wayfinding users know what things do and where they can go right away. Have you ever tried to open a door the wrong way (push vs. pull?) That was not your fault, that was the designers fault for not making it obvious which way the door works. The last thing an Artist wants to do is make his or her fans feel stupid by having their Art be difficult to experience. When a fan looks at your Mpod they know exactly what everything does even if they never saw it before. This is because logical affordances and wayfinding are built-into Mpodz and take the best concepts from websites, apps and social media and integrate them in a way which makes sense for the artist and the fan. Mpodz provide the framework, you as the artist bring the Mpod to life with your own content using one or more of The SEDE's without having to build an app from scratch with programming.

Fourth, Mpodz have a built-in Silicon Valley marketing technique called a "Viral Feedback Loop." Mpodz are designed from the ground up to be shared across all devices to attract new fans. The classic early example was Hotmail having a link to at the bottom of every email to invite every single person who received an email to get their own Hotmail account. Almost every popular Website and App today has a viral feedback loop built-in. However, one of the problems with creating a dedicated iPhone or Android app is all you can do is point someone to the app stores and have them pay/download to get the app. That can be a hard sell even if they have the right phone your app is made to work on. Mpodz have multiple viral feedback loops built-in but do not rely on app stores to make them work. Mpodz work on iPhone, Android, desktop, laptop, mobile and tablet.

Fifth, Mpodz are very cost effective. At just $4.99 per month (limited time for the 1st 1,000 people to sign up), Mpodz are a very cost effective way to get your Art to the world. (Good) iPhone apps, Android apps and websites cost thousands of dollars and take weeks or months to develop. With the economy of scale of the Internet, we can offer Mpodz at a fraction of the cost and time it would take to develop a good iPhone app, Android app or Website. In fact some artists are finding they just need Mpodz as their main way to communicate their Art with the world. Also, you keep all the money you make selling your tracks, videos, merchandise, concert tickets, etc. We do not charge a percentage or any other fees, just $4.99 per month is all you will pay (limited time offer). We want Mpodz to not just be a product but a movement which helps artists be able to quit their day jobs and make a living off their Art or go to the next level worldwide if they are already established by creating a laser focused "digital mothership" and stop getting an insulting $30 for a million views/listens. Start getting $30,000 or more for a million view/listens by selling and serving your own ads right in your own Mpodz.

Your canvas is blank and ready for you to "paint the world in new ways."

Mpodz Features:

Your own custom direct to fan (D2F) App that runs on all devices, (e.g., laptop, desktop, mobile, tablets)

You own url (optional) For example,

Only $4.99 per month (for first 1,000 signups) instead of thousands of dollars to create (a good) iPhone or Android App

AI Chat

Video Conferencing


Works with Bandcamp, Topspin, Beatport, SoundCloud, CD Baby, ReverbNation, Bandzoogle, iTunes, Amazon Music, Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter. etc. so long as you follow the given services terms of service. Violations will not be tolerated.

Instantly updateable instead of taking weeks or months like iPhone and Android Apps

Link from any social media, website, blog, etc. to your Mpodz

Built-in "scripting" capabilities for continous playing of your content and custom storytelling with your Art.

Embed your Mpodz into your website, other websites, social media, blogs, etc. and let your fans do the same

This is a big one! Sell your own advertising space for your content instead of someone else getting rich off it

Create a persistent two-way communication channel between you and your fans

Better manage and deliver your tracks, videos & other content

Get in-depth stats of who is listening to and buying your music and videos. You own the customer, not somebody else.

Control & license your content for commercial use directly for better deals

Minimize/stop pirating of your content

Broadcast messages directly to one or more fans or groups of fans for special announcements and offers directly in the Mpodz

Built-in "viral feedback loop" for gaining more fans

Serve your content from anywhere you want, (e.g., social media,, your website, dropbox, etc.)

Better manage your career from one central place you control

Let your fans login to your world, not somebody else's

Create QR code tickets for shows with no added fees

Crerate QR code links to your mpodz from the physical world

Create links to Landing Pages, other websites, etc.

Trumpet upcoming shows, special announcements, etc. from the Mpodz home screen

Export email addresses, customer info as standard comma separated values (csv) or tab-delimited files to use in other marketing applications

Much more!

Mpodz for Singers & Musicians

Cutting edge artists like Todd Rundgren, Peter Gabriel and Prince have created innovative music products to enhance their creative expression and interact with their fans in new ways. Now you can do the same with artist tools they could have only dreamed of having. Mpodz are your "digital mothership" enabling you to freely link to and from any other website, social media or service you use today or will use tomorrow to market and sell your content, (e.g., Bandcamp, Topspin, Beatport, SoundCloud, CD Baby, ReverbNation, Bandzoogle, iTunes, Amazon Music, Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) so long as you own the content or have licenses and follow the terms of service on each given service. Mix and match where the content you present in your Mpodz comes from or serve it all from for better protection. Mpodz connects your sprawling online presence in a way that is manageable and focused for you and your fans.

We think you will agree Mpodz are the best way for singers, songwriters, musicians, bands, Dj's, producers and other creative artists to deliver their tracks, videos and other content to their fans. Mpodz bring the artist and fan closer than they could ever get before. Why sell a one-off mp3 on a service you have no control over that takes a big piece of your money leaving you with no idea who even purchased your music when you can offer a custom App that runs on all devices and provides instant ongoing two-way communication between you and your fans? Use social media to put snippets of your tracks and videos up but drive traffic to your Mpodz to get your fans into your world instead of somebody else's - which is really where your fans want to be anyway.

Some food for thought:

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