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Introducing Mixola
A musicians, composers, writers, publishers, labels, artists & producers dream machine.

We changed the Tech game with Open Platform as a Service. Now we're changing the music creation, distribution & consumption game.

Mixola is a new, inspiring way to create, mix, remix & share professional finished records - and let others do the same with any wav or mp3 files.

From "In the Box" to "In the Browser." From "Digital Audio Workstation" to "Social Audio Workstation."

Mixola Beatmaker $1.99 monthly Mixola Producer $4.99 monthly Mixola Pro $14.99 monthly
4 "flex" tracks (up to 8 stereo track playback)

8 instruments/samples simultaneous playback

step sequencer

128Kbps mp3

Mixola Composer Collection - Professional acoustic and electronic drums, bass, piano, synth, guitar, orchestral, sound effects, etc. professionally recorded EQ'd, compressed and processed with BPM sync effects, (e.g, delay, reverb, chorus, phaser, flanger, stereo-widening) with vintage analog gear "ready to mix" for all genres. We will roll out the Composer Collection over the summer, starting with piano and then electronic drums as they are the foundation of the songwriting process.

instantly shareable on social media, email, etc.

works completely in the browser - no hardware or sofware needed

advertiser driven to keep it low cost for you

Share your playable, editable, remixable tracks as easy as this

OUT NOW! contact

everything included in Mixola Beatmaker plus:

8 "flex" tracks (up to 16 stereo track playback)

16 instruments/samples simultaneous playback

32-bit float PCM wav internal processing (high quality for finished mixes)

4 part arranger for intro/drop/verse/chorus type tracks

import your own high quality mp3 and wav samples over the web, dropbox, etc.

MPC style pads for live performance

export to 44.1k stereo wav file

Share your playable, editable, remixable tracks as easy as this

Pre-order now for early July release! Only 600 Producer licenses will be sold. contact

everything included in Mixola Producer plus:

24 tracks

24 instruments/samples simultaneous playback for complex production and mixing

16 part arranger for complex, non-looped, nuanced productions, (e.g., intro, verse 1, pre-chorus 1, chorus 1, motif, verse 2, bridge, chorus 2, refrain, etc.)

multiple custom arrangements to audition to decide on the perfect one to mix

mix automation

invidual track and stem mixdown

custom branding with your graphics, custom fonts & custom colors

sample start, end, tune, fine tune and pitch

sample and track shift forward/back to get the pocket just right

sample slice for MPC "16 levels" style production

private and public collaboration

remix contest & demo intake management

mix embed widget for your website

Share your playable, editable, remixable tracks as easy as this

Pre-order now for early August release! Only 200 Pro licenses will be sold. contact

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